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Why invest here?

City in full resurgence with unbeatable opportunities in Real Estatein general. Detroit is a Real Estate market that for several decades was depressed (abandoned properties, repossessed by banks and government). In this city there has been a millionaire investment of private and public capital, this combined with strong support from the local government and the initiative of the current federal government, through its policy of America first, have created a very interesting perspective of growth for the city.

In 2013, the city officially declared bankruptcy. From this event began to resurface with great force, since it has an intelligent development and reconstruction plan. The growth of the technology and software industry, as well as the recovery of the automotive industry has induced the reactivation and high Real Estate demand. Detroit has a lower cost of living than most US cities. The current values of the properties are less than 3 times the actual construction price. Detroit offers high profitability percentages, normally from 9% a year net only in rent. We select zones with high demand and low risk in general. The average value of the total investment is 50,000 USD.

Investment flow, actual current example: